Fast, Real Credit Repair: Important Facts about Credit Inquiry Removal

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December 19, 2017
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Fast, Real Credit Repair: Important Facts about Credit Inquiry Removal

It is important to understand that credit reporting agencies (i.e. Equifax, and Experian, Equifax and Transunion) are not government agencies and they are therefore governed by the federal government in the form of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act gives the consumer many rights that most are not aware of.

Most important rights related to inquiry removal

One of the most important rights afforded to the consumer is the ability to dispute any information reported by the reporting agencies. This can be done several different ways: online, by mail, and even by phone. There is a combination of things you can do to get Experian inquiry removal, Transunion inquiry removal and Equifax inquiry removal. Without further ado…

Fast, Real Credit Repair: Important Facts about Credit Inquiry Removal

Fast, Real Credit Repair Important Facts about Credit Inquiry Removal

It is also important to note that the credit reporting agencies have a time limit in responding to the disputes the consumer files. This time frame is 30 days from receipt of the credit bureau inquiry removal letters. All disputes go directly to the reporting agencies first, and it is then the responsibility of the agencies to forward the dispute to the original creditor.

After the 30 days has expired, the reporting agency is responsible for sending you an updated credit report with the results of investigation detailing the results of the disputes that you filed. This does not mean the fight is over, this just lets you know what was removed and what was not. If the information still remains on the reports, you have the right to submit another dispute.

Inquiries are a big issue

Also, inquiries are a big issue when they appear on your credit report; they can be seen in a negative way by the bank you are seeking a loan from. Inquiries can often be looked at as a negative thing, because if you have an inquiry, and don’t show an account from the source of the inquiry, then the bank can assume that they denied you based on info they found and not grant you the loan.

Removing credit card inquiries is a simple process as well. This only requires you send a credit card inquiry removal letter to each of the establishments that report on the consumer’s credit. The report is required to have the name of the business, the address, and the date the inquiry was made, so it will be easy to get this info.

Then, simply send a letter detailing how you do not recall applying for credit, or authorizing the inquiry, and usually this does the trick, as they can be sued for false inquiries.

Report info about your credit worthiness

As you can see, there are many important facts that you must consider before allowing these agencies to report info about your credit worthiness, especially in the modern world, where credit is everything, and just a few points can make a huge difference in the interest rates at the banks you get your loans with.

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